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Meet Singles while Exploring the Inca Trails

Author: Peter Huston

For many years, our idea of ancient civilizations was limited to the Middle East and Far Eastern regions that included Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese. We never dared to imagine that there were other groups of people who had the advanced capabilities to build pyramids apart from those we were previously taught about. It came as a surprise to many that there were South American civilizations that also built pyramids and temples, and had been living in the area long before the Spanish arrived. One of the civilizations was the Inca and we had only recently begun to understand their true capabilities. If you are single and have an interest in history, you too can be a astounded by the sheer magnificence of Inca architecture, and meet new people by signing up for the Peru Inca Trail Explorer. This package has been specifically designed for single people in mind.

This five day excursion comprises of three days hiking and two days camping. Upon your arrival on the first day, you will be checked into a hotel after which you will gather with the rest of the group of singles. While you get to know each other, Cocoa Leaf tea will be available for you to try. Mingling continues during lunch, which is a perfect way to settle and chat in beautiful and awe inspiring locations. Because this tour has been designed for singles, a lot of your activities have been preplanned so there is not much thinking for you to do. You will have 'free days' to explore on your own, or to spend some time with someone that may have caught your eye.

The main attraction of this tour is Machu Picchu, which is the site of an ancient Inca city. This archaeological treasure trove can be found 8000 ft above sea level, high up in the Andes mountains. Astonishingly, the site was only discovered in 1911. Even the Spanish conquistadores did not come across this city as they rampaged through South America. To this day, no one truly knows what the real purpose of these buildings were, although there have been suggestions by some researchers that Machu Picchu was itself an exclusive resort for the Incan elite. Could it really be possible that a civilization as old as the Inca, could have built an expansive holiday resort such as this hundreds of years ago?

The cost of this package ranges from $1700 to $2200. For a truly remarkable experience, this would be the perfect vacation to go on.

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